Brattleboro Dawn Dances


Because the Dawn Dances take place on Sundays and continue into Monday holidays, parking lots around Brattleboro are free with no time limits. There are some private/permit only lots around town, and we suggest avoiding those, but as long as you are in a public lot, you should be fine. Overnight parking is allowed unless it’s snowing (hey, you never know…)

DUE TO RECENT STREET SWEEPING CHANGES, WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE OVERNIGHT STREET PARKING.  If you decide to take your chances and park on the street, you may get a ticket, or worse.  There is plenty of space in the public lots, which are in easy walking distance to the dance, as laid out below.

There is a parking lot between High St. and Grove St, a block uphill from Main street, which is on your left as you are coming into downtown from exit 2. There is another lot behind the Gibson-Aiken (towards the river) which can be accessed from Harris Place (a left turn off of Main St. just north of the Gibson Aiken center). The map below shows other parking options around Brattleboro.

For more details, visit the Town of Brattleboro parking info site.

Map of parking lots

View Brattleboro Parking in a larger map

Contact the Dawn Dance: 802-451-0822 or

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